The Best of Joe Biden: Big Ideas From His Last 3,000 Tweets

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I channel the worldviews of interesting people.

I do that by organizing and distilling their tweets into a summary of their big ideas. For my own education, I summarized the timeline of Joe Biden, and it’s helped me to look beyond the headlines.

I believe it’s valuable to channel people of all stripes and persuasions, and in that spirit, I’ll continue to share summaries of writers and thinkers, artists and creators.

In one place, read the philosophy of Joe Biden:

America is full of possibilities…

  • We have respect for hard work

  • We have determination, resilience, and grit

  • We have opportunity to go as far as our dreams take us

Elections are divisive, but we can choose to unite…

  • We can come together

  • We can look out for one another

  • We can have a sense of community

Presidents can represent all of us…

  • They can represent you when you vote against them

  • They can work hard for you if you didn’t support them

  • They can care for families like they would their own

The job of a president is about…

  • Serving people

  • Telling the truth

  • Listening to experts

  • Heeding their advice

  • Taking responsibility

  • Lowering the temperature

  • Leading with a steady hand

  • Working hard to make life better

America will curb the spread of the virus…

  • By taking it seriously

  • By listening to scientists

  • By implementing a national strategy

We’ll provide relief and a decisive economic response…

  • Provide relief to state and local governments

  • Forgive $10,000 of student loan debt per person

  • Provide emergency paid sick leave to who needs it

  • Ensure no one has to pay for COVID-19 treatment or an eventual vaccine

Together, Americans will build a stronger, more inclusive, and more resilient middle class…

  • By rewarding work

  • By protecting good American jobs

  • By ensuring workers receive the pay they deserve

  • By asking the wealthiest and the biggest corporations to pay their fair share

We’ll build the economy back, and build it back better…

  • With equal pay for women

  • With newly empowered unions

  • With pipes that transport clean water

  • With new manufacturing and technology jobs

  • With modern roads, bridges, highways, broadband, ports, and airports

We’ll keep building the economy back better…

  • With an immigration system that powers our economy and reflects our values

  • With an education system that trains our people for the best jobs of the 21st century

We’ll ensure every American receives quality, affordable health care…

  • By expanding Medicaid

  • By strengthening and building on the ACA

  • By protecting people with pre-existing conditions

  • By allowing people to keep private insurance or choose a Medicare-like public option

We'll invest in child care and education…

  • Giving students and educators the resources they need

  • Supporting our educators by giving them the pay and dignity they deserve

  • Ensuring access to high-quality, affordable child care and universal Pre-K

We'll safeguard our people and protect our national security…

  • Respecting allies

  • Keeping our commitments

  • Working in common purpose

  • Not going back to forever wars

  • Using military power responsibly and as a last resort

We'll respect law enforcement and our troops…

  • We will have their back

  • We will keep them safe

  • We will honor their sacrifice

  • We will care for them when they come home

We need to get weapons of war off our streets…

  • By passing universal background checks

  • By banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines

  • By closing loopholes to keep guns out of dangerous hands

We must always rebuke violence…

Condemn violence of every kind by anyone

Catch and punish those who commit violence

Our Nation must address systemic racism…

Give hate no safe harbor

Treat each other with dignity

Declare with conviction that hatred, bigotry, and white supremacy have no place in America

It's crucial to reform policing…

  • Ban chokeholds

  • Improve oversight and accountability

  • Create a model use of force standard

We must tackle the climate crisis, now...

  • In reality, it’s an enormous opportunity

  • To lead the world

  • To create millions of jobs

  • To push our progress further

  • To transition to a clean energy economy

We can make real the American promise…

  • Never resting until we achieve equality for all

  • Pursuing justice with every ounce of our being

  • Pushing our nation to live up to our highest ideals

  • Standing always for values of human rights and dignity

Our aim is always to protect...

  • Reproductive rights

  • The sacred right to vote

  • Social Security (the bedrock of American retirement)

  • Free press, free speech, free expression, and religious freedom

Remember, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish when we do it together…

  • We can pursue a more perfect Union

  • We can make the coming years bright

  • We can dream of a better future for us and for our children

Take a path of hope and light, and draw on the best of us…

  • Stay united

  • Stay optimistic

  • Stay empowered

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