The Best of Billy Chapata: Big Ideas From His Last 3,000 Tweets

Billy Chapata is a Zimbabwean writer, author, and creative based in Atlanta, Georgia. Billy's work aims to touch on the concepts of love, healing, connections, and growth through poetry, storytelling, and narrative. His most recent collection of poetry and prose is Chameleon Aura.

I organized and distilled his last 3,000 tweets into a summary of his big ideas, in three parts:

  1. Love, Healing, and Growth Philosophy

  2. Start of the Month Incantations

  3. Hope and Mantras


I’ve never lost in love, and darling, neither have you…

  • Whatever you did in love, it was never a bad decision

  • Wherever you are in life, you’re where you’re supposed to be 

Your only duties are to be, to be true in all you do, and to love yourself deeply…

  • It’s not your job to wait for others

  • It's not your job to explain yourself

  • It’s not your job to make others whole

Love yourself so deeply that if anyone were to ever leave, love for yourself would still remain…

  • Before you try to be anything for anyone else, learn to be everything for yourself

Never forget, you’re no ordinary thing…

  • You are love

  • You are divine

  • You are enough, just as you are

At every phase, there’s magic in focusing on you…

  • There’s magic in creating boundaries

  • There’s magic in falling in love with yourself

  • There’s magic in minding your own business 

Don't rest in hearts that don't appreciate your magic…

  • You’re not a shelter for anyone’s pain

  • You’re not a cure for anyone’s loneliness

  • You’re not a blanket for anyone’s comfort

You’re worth much more than surface level love…

  • You are worth love that can hold you

  • You are worth love that doesn’t disguise itself

  • You are worth love that doesn’t hide when its name is called out

You’re too divine to be loved with mediocrity…

  • You're too divine to be an afterthought, and not a priority

  • You're too divine to put up with a lover who hesitates in their love for you

  • You're too divine to be dancing in spaces that don't celebrate your energy

Stop waiting for bad love to feel good again…

  • Friendships die, romances fade, connections expire

  • If they no longer serve you, don’t continue to serve them

  • Bad love only poisons the love you have for yourself

Love is not an excuse to tolerate anything unrequited…

  • Don't follow vibrations that are not intended for you

  • Be honest enough with yourself to know when your love language isn’t for someone else

  • Don’t give anyone the permission to come and go with your happiness as they please

Stop fighting and chasing after people who don't want to stay…

  • Changing others to fit your idea of love, won't work

  • Changing yourself to fit others’ idea of love, won't work

  • Create your own kind of love

People who don’t know what they want, usually hurt people who know what they want…

  • You don’t have to share yourself with anyone who doesn’t treat you as a rarity

  • While you’re praying for someone who mistreats you to change their behavior, you are someone else’s prayer

Many friends aren’t friends at all…

  • They’re people who to try not to upset you

  • They’re strangers we exchange energy with

  • They’re acquaintances who hold some of our deepest secrets

Realize you deserve better, and make room for what is ready for you…

  • Let who needs to go, go

  • Let who needs to leave, leave

  • Wish them well and thank them for the lessons

Find your way back to yourself again…

  • You don’t have to rent space in someone else to feel at home

  • There’s no greater love story than returning back home to yourself

Heal, and break free…

  • No longer carry guilt in a backpack

  • No longer give toxic people patience

  • No longer try to make poison taste sweet

Find no shame in starting over…

  • Find no shame in rerouting 

  • Find no shame in going back to the root 

  • Find no shame in admitting you made mistakes 

  • There’s no limit on how many times you’re allowed to start over

Work on knowing yourself, and be patient…

  • The universe will guide you and show you signs

  • The universe will prepare you for something new

  • The universe will reveal the blessings you made space for

The universe will speak to you through your intuition…

  • Trust the vibrations it lays out for you

  • Write down your thoughts and dreams

  • Speak them back to the universe 

The universe will listen and come through…

  • What you speak is already yours, you just have to claim it 

  • What you speak is waiting to manifest into existence, just to show you that you deserve better

  • What you speak is placing beautiful things on the horizon

Begin where you are, right now…

  • You are the spark you’ve always needed

  • The new version of yourself doesn’t have to wait till next year

  • Take as much time as you need and as many steps as you require

Keep watering yourself until you feel like you again…

  • Healing comes in waves

  • It’s a sloppy and reckless affair

  • It will take a unique shape of its own

Recreate yourself, endlessly, shamelessly, recklessly…

  • Own your healing process, don’t shy away from it

  • Put yourself back together using nothing but self-love

  • You are never the finished article and you never have to be

Never settle for less than you deserve…

  • You deserve love

  • You deserve truth

  • You deserve clarity

  • You deserve peace

  • You deserve magic

  • You deserve directness

  • You deserve happiness

  • You deserve to feel lighter

  • You deserve to be left whole

  • You deserve to be appreciated

  • You deserve to be experienced fully

Become the love that you deserve…

  • Be more for you, often

  • Be there for you, more

  • Be right for you, always

  • Sometimes the way you water yourself and treat yourself will show others how you deserve to be received

Don’t wait for applause, celebrate yourself…

  • Celebrate yourself so much it becomes a habit

  • Celebrate the parts of yourself others may not accept

  • Clap for yourself so loud it silences people’s opinions

Meanwhile, unpack your soul in spaces that celebrate you…

  • Find friends who get excited when you talk about your dreams

  • Find friends who check up on you even when you appear to be happy

  • Find friends who applaud your growth even if it means outgrowing parts of your connection

Rest your mind next to ears that have the desire to listen…

  • You will never need to shout to be heard

  • You will never need to over explain yourself to be felt

  • You will never need to look for ears that understand

Don’t betray your progression by running back to the ones you’ve outgrown…

  • At certain phases of your life, people will stop understanding you

  • You are a version of themselves they are yet to meet yet

  • Don't stop your blooming process just so they can catch up to you

  • Never take it personally if you’ve outgrown their comfort level of you

  • Be grateful for anyone you left behind, because their absence helped you find more of yourself

Just know that people can outgrow you too…

  • No two paths are the same

  • Putting resistance towards anything outgrowing you, only adds friction to your own growth

  • People are allowed to become who they are without you attaching bitterness to their evolution

  • Your growth doesn’t entitle you to a second chance with them

Instead of chasing the energy you want, try attracting it instead…

  • Let love find you where you are

  • Attract the vibes that were truly meant for you

  • Don’t search for what you think is right for you

  • Spread love and it will flow back to you like ocean waves

Make today beautiful…

  • Make someone smile today

  • Make someone laugh today

  • Plant flowers in their heart

  • You never know who you’re inspiring or saving just by being you

  • Be the kind of energy others have to feel once to remember forever




january, be a catalyst for me. let intuition be my compass, and let my soul be unafraid to grow wings and fly in whatever direction the universe calls me. let the seeds i’ve planted come to fruition, and let the love i have for myself show others how i deserve to be loved.


january, open my horizons and open my heart. unlock my faith and unlock my blessings. let the chapters i continue to write exude love, and let the steps i continue to take ooze purpose. may the connections i have evolve me while the connections i lose teach me. give me life.


january, jumpstart my intentions. fuel my ambitions with energy and inject my spirit with love. plant seeds away from my fears and doubts and closer to my goals and dreams. plant affirmations on the tip of my tongue and intensely on tough days. may where i go be led by intuition.



february, replenish my cup of patience. fill it to the top and let it overflow. allow me to unlearn thoughts and habits that feed into impatience, and allow me to digest the universes vibrations no matter how unfamiliar they may taste. soak my spirit in truth and light.


february, engulf me in clarity. open my heart to things i refuse to see, and shine light on things that need to be accepted. soften my fears of the unknown, and give me resistance anytime i am tempted to put my hands on the wheel of anything uncontrollable. wash away my doubts.



march, illuminate my purpose and dim my doubts. give me the conviction to root myself in love, and give me the courage to pluck myself from spaces that don’t grow me. allow the connections that have reached their expiry date to leave, so i can make room for those that deserve me.


march, starve my fears and feed my optimism, sprinkle my doubts in love and faith. give me the vision to consistently look forward while blinding the temptation to constantly look back. give me the courage to place boundaries on any connection that doesn’t water me or my journey.


march, let patience bloom into flowers for me. let magic brew from my stillness, and let stillness find me when the waves become too intense. throw away the keys to any old doors so i may resist the temptation to open what doesn’t belong to me anymore. color my intentions.



april, keep my energy cup balanced. let nothing or no one drink from it and tip it over. give me strength to smile at my journey when it has me taking detours, and give me patience to wait for what’s meant for me no matter how far it may seem. water my footsteps and let me bloom.


april, fill me with light. allow me to see what is meant for me, and blind me from what pretends to be for me. reignite the desire to choose myself, while i pour cold water on the temptation to seek acceptance elsewhere. illuminate what stimulates me, and dim what doesn’t.


april, hold a space of patience for me. give me the power to bloom no matter where i am planted. give me the awareness to keep intuition close when my surroundings get blurry. illuminate every space within me that i had dimmed out of fear, impatience or lack of self love.



may, give me clarity. let people show me their place in my life, and let me show myself my place in my own. give me courage to release connections that no longer serve me, so i can make space for connections that deserve me. let this self love taste sweet, in every way, everyday.


may, shower me in perspective. allow me to show up for myself where others have shied away, and allow me to shy away where others never show up for me. fill the steps i take with intention, while i steer away from those with unclear intentions. thicken the love i have for myself.


may, pour honey over my intentions. sweeten my resolve, and let the love i have for myself stick. lower the volume on my ego, so i may hold myself accountable more often. may i remember who i am whenever they try to give me a different name.



june, refuel the love i have for myself. give my thoughts energy, and give my lungs room to recover when i inhale people’s toxicity. let deaths of older versions of me, birth new ones that i need to be so i can continue blooming. let the things i let go be testament of my growth.


june, aid in my ascension. let the things i plant come to fruition, and give wings to the things that are meant for me. open doors for the things i need, and close them on what is no longer conducive. let the love i have for myself guide me back whenever i forget where home is.


june, keep my thoughts safe. guard me from any energy that has the intention of bringing me out of my frequency, and release me from anything trying to keep me in my comfort zone. fill my bones with love and patience, but may i never lose sense of my self worth.



july, keep me in alignment. illuminate the paths meant for me, and dim any routes that may lead me astray. let intuition become my best friend, while i distance myself from procrastination, and anything or anyone that brings me out my element. let self love be my light.


july, show me the magic that exists within. let me unearth buried diamonds in my soul that i've ignored in the past. let the love i have for myself be so loud that it silences unnecessary opinions in my ear. may truth continue to find me even when the world shuts it's lights off.


july, spark love in the parts of me that i had forgotten. the parts of me that deserved love at my lowest, the parts of me that deserved love when i didn’t think that i did, the parts of me that i put away on a shelf so i could make others more visible. drip my bones in patience.



august, water my internal revolutions, and fuel my intuition. let me continue to attract what’s meant for me, and let me continue to learn from what’s not. give my lungs room to breathe when the world spins too fast, and give me patience to endure when it moves slow. be fruitful.


august, refine my energy. reignite the love i have for myself and pour cold water on anything or anyone that tries to take that away. give me the patience to ignore what i can’t control, and give me the awareness to recognize what i need to be embrace. coat my intentions in gold.



september, free my doubt and unlock my blessings, chain me to optimism and lock me in love. let the ones around me reveal their place in my life while i solidify the place in my own. let the seeds i plant come to fruition while i become the fullest version of myself i can be.


september, soften my worries and thicken my faith. let intuition be the compass that guides me towards everything that is meant for me, while giving me the awareness to steer away from any distraction. feed my spirit with love, and fill my dreams with direction.



october, revitalize my senses and feed my spirit. give me the courage to let go of any heaviness within me, so i can feel lighter going forward. give me the strength to forgive myself for the times i wasn’t there for me, so i can be more present now. fill my purpose with light.


october, elevate my senses. allow the love i have for myself to reach new heights, while i bury any feelings that threaten to poison the light that exists within me. detach me from any lingering resentment towards anything or anyone, so i can connect to what’s meant to stay.



november, fill my lungs with perspective, let my mind breathe. let my focus not be on clocks, but on the moments in between. let this time not serve as a reminder of how soon the year is ending but instead, serve as a reminder of good things to come. clean my doubt with optimism.


november, hold a cup of love for all the spaces in me that i’ve neglected or ignored, hold a bag of patience for the places in me that i’ve rushed or self sabotaged. allow me to be my full self without compromising parts of who i am for validation or appreciation. be bountiful.



december, fill me. allow what lays ahead of me to free me, and allow what i’ve left behind not to weigh me down. drown out any regrets i may still have while i float in waves of optimism. dip my doubts in gold, so my journey may drip with certainty. open my horizons.


december, cleanse me. allow me to leave behind what doesn’t serve me, without leaving traces of resentment or bitterness in my footsteps. give me the abundance to attract connections and opportunities that see flowers in me but have no inclination to pluck them. give me flight.


  • I hope you learn to love your own bloom

  • I hope you learn to get out of your own way

  • I hope you learn to be compassionate with yourself

  • I hope you learn to open your soul and listen when god is speaking to you

  • I hope you learn to swim in your own essence before looking for waters elsewhere

  • I hope you learn that you don’t have to rent space in someone else to feel at home

  • I hope you learn to discern the difference between mature love and love that isn’t ready

  • I hope you learn to be everything for yourself before you try to be anything for anyone else

  • I hope you learn that what you tell yourself, will always be more important than what they have to say about you

  • I hope you learn the difference between the ones who need help, and the ones who aren’t willing to help themselves

  • I hope you learn to lay your weapons down, so you may learn that peace exists inwards, and not by what you see in the reflection

  • I hope you learn to discern the difference between the love you have for someone, and the love you have for the moments you spent together

  • I hope you find a lover who lets you exist

  • I hope you find a lover who finds joy in your being

  • I hope you find a lover who speaks to god about you

  • I hope you find a lover who celebrates your existence

  • I hope you find a lover who loves you, but lets you be

  • I hope you find a lover whose love evolves as you evolve too

  • I hope you find a lover who adds color on to your soul’s canvas

  • I hope you find a lover who loves the things you dislike about yourself

  • I hope you find a lover who keeps you close, but allows you to breathe

  • i hope you find a lover who starves their ego and feeds their love for you

  • I hope you find a multi-dimensional lover who loves you in different ways

  • I hope you find a lover who loves unashamedly, and allows you to love yourself

  • I hope you find a lover who kisses your wounds and makes your flaws feel like flowers

  • I hope you find a lover whose love for themselves improves the love you have for each other

  • i hope you find a lover who is inspired by the light within you, and who is encouraged to find light of their own

  • i hope you find a lover whose only demand is that you continue to soak in self love, while you sculpt yourself into the masterpiece you are

  • i hope you find a lover who sees light in you, but loves you enough not to dim you so they can selfishly illuminate dark corners that exist within them

there is magic in my flaws,

there is magic in my flaws,

there is magic in my flaws.

flawed but beautiful,

flawed but worthy,

flawed but enough.

what's for me, will be for me.

what's for me, will be for me.

what's for me, will be for me.

i'm good,

things will be good,

the sun doesn't always shine,

but in the end, i'll be good.

today will be great,

today will be fruitful,

today will be beautiful.

i am strong. i am capable.

i am golden. i am beautiful.

i am divine. i am love.

i am enough for myself,

i am enough for myself,

i am enough for myself.

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